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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / ElenathewiseOnce you've conquered your clutter using the tips in our previous blog, you'll want to keep it that way so you don't have to go through it ever again. That's often easier said than done but we have several tips that will go a long way to keeping your organized and clutter free.

Beware of flat surfaces, especially near the front door. They quickly become a spot to drop your stuff as you walk in and will get cluttered quickly. If you have a table near the front door, trying keeping a large flower arrangement or other decorative items that will discourage dropping and dashing. If you just can't fight people dropping their keys and coins near the front door, put a bowl near the door for it all to go in and keep it confined to a manageable area.

In other

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You probably know you need to get organized but maybe you put it off because it can seem so overwhelming, especially when you see a pile like this one here. It's easy for things to get out of control. There's a reason that the job of "professional organizer" came into being. Some people are born to organize while others look at a pile of stuff and have no idea how to do it. Well if you're one of the people who wasn't born with the organizing gene, we have some tips to help you get started and then tomorrow we'll talk about staying organized.

Use the one by one method to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Concentrate on one room at a time and in that room focus on one space at a time. Don't hop from cabinet to cupboard to drawer to closet and back

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When you are shopping for a new home remember to take the neighbourhood into consideration too. You may find a great home for a great price but if the neighbourhood doesn't fit your lifestyle, you could end up unhappy or with added expenses. Here are five things you should think about when assessing a neighbourhood.

Commute time is critical. The farther you have to drive the more money you'll spend on gas and vehicle maintenance. You'll also be spending more time in your car driving and less time doing the things you actually enjoy doing. If you're going to use public transportation, can you get to where you need to be easily or will you be caught doing multiple transfers and having long travel times? The closer you can live to work the more time

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The average kitchen remodel costs around $20,000 but not everyone has that kind of cash (or home equity) to do a major remodel. You don't need to invest a lot to make a big impact though. There are lots of small or inexpensive things you can do that will make your kitchen feel brand new.

We've said it before but we'll say it again, paint is cheap and it's one of the easiest ways to freshen up a space. You don't have to limit painting to the walls though. You can paint cabinetry to completely change the look. If you'll be selling your home soon, refer to our blog post on how to use paint colours. You may love the idea of bright red cabinets but your buyers won't so stick to neutrals.

Another current trend in cabinetry is to replace the center wood

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You've been shopping for a new house and have seen a lot of homes but you've finally found "The One." Congratulations! Now you'll need to make an offer and close the deal. If you've never bought a home before, you may wonder how that works or what to expect. We have some tips that should help prepare you for this final part of buying a home.

First, know that an offer is legal proposal to buy a house and, if the seller accepts your offer, it is legally binding. You should be 100% certain that you are ready to make an offer and that you are fine with everything in it.

You can make an offer conditional if necessary. You could set conditions on the sale such as having a home inspection done and the home passing inspection, the seller having to repair an

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Buying a home is probably the biggest and most important investment you'll ever make. When you are shopping for a new place to call home, you want to make sure you're making a good buy and not going to get stuck with a lot of repairs which could end up costing you a lot of money. Of course, you'll have a realtor to guide you along the way and you should have a professional inspection done but here is a list of some of the things you should look at before you make an offer on your dream home.

This is the first thing you see from the street so it shouldn't be hard to spot any serious problems. Ask when the last time the roof was replaced if the house is older than 20 years old. A roof typically lasts 20 to 25 years. A professional inspection will be

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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / zqfotographyIn March 2014, MoneySense Magazine ranked Edmonton #8 on its Top 25 list of "Canada's Best Places to Live", up from #11 last year. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Edmonton, you’re probably thinking about moving to one of the newer areas on the outskirts of the city. However, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of moving into one of the more established neighborhoods in the heart of the city. They are a great choice for families and anyone who wants to be in the heart of it all.

Edmonton has a great public transit system that is improving every year but for now the bus system can get you most anywhere in the city and if you live near the heart of the city you’ll have the convenience of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) that runs right through

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It's not unusual for a dream vacation to become a dream of buying a vacation property. Canada has plenty of amazing beaches, ski resorts, and gorgeous lakes to visit, many of which aren't far from Edmonton via a short drive or flight. Who wouldn't love to have a place where your whole family can be together and enjoy a special getaway? When you find the beach, lake or mountain area you'd love to go to time and time again, it can be a good investment as well as a family retreat if you plan for it properly. We have five tips to think about if you're going to look for your dream home away from home.

  1. Do you want the place to be only for your use or do you think you'd want to rent it out when you aren't there? Renting the property weekly or monthly can
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