4 Helpful Tips for After Your Move

Posted by Ed DePrato on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 11:59am.

So you’ve closed on your new house soon and you’ve been excitedly planning the big move. You’ve read our blog posts about moving with kids, moving with pets, hiring a professional moving company, you’ve scheduled your services to be turned on and you’ve started packing but have you planned ahead for the “after move”? Moving and settling into your new home can take days or weeks but you there are things you can do to make it easier and safer if you just plan ahead.

  1. You got the keys but who else has them too? Your first call should be to a locksmith to schedule having the locks changed. There could be keys floating around anywhere from the previous owners and their kids to handymen and contractors. Once you are in your new home you want to keep your family and your possessions safe so get some service estimates and plan on the expense of having the locks changed.
  2. Hire a cleaning crew to clean the house before you arrive. Unless your home is a brand new build and never been lived in, the odds are that the previous owner has done the bare minimum amount of cleaning before they left. You don’t want to show up with the moving truck only to find that the house isn’t clean. You can hire home cleaning services for a one time appointment and it’s worth the expense.
  3. If you are the type of person who is missing the handyman gene, you will find it helpful to keep a good handyman on speed dial. Everything from hanging shelves on the wall to installing your fancy, massaging shower head can be done for little cost by a handyman and it will save you a ton of time and frustration. Do you really want to go out and buy a level and a cordless screwdriver and other tools? Just leave it to the professional. Then you can concentrate on the important things like whether the chair should go on that wall or the other one.
  4. Set aside some funds for miscellaneous expenses. Odds are that you’ll be too tired to think about cooking for the first couple of days so plan on having money available to eat out. You’ll also want to have funds available for small household items that you will find you need but can add up quickly. You may find that you need a better storage solution or a rug for a hardwood floor in the living room. Even purchases as small as buying shelf liner or new garbage cans will add up quickly so make sure you’ve set aside part of your budget to cover those after move items as well.

Be prepared and think ahead so your move continues to go well even after the truck is gone.

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