6 Tips to Sell Your Home Before the Holidays

Posted by Ed DePrato on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 10:45am.

Are you hoping to have your house sold before the end of the year? Having your house on the market in autumn isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’ll have less competition as compared to the busy spring and summer season plus you can capitalize on the seasonal elements to stage your home. We have a few staging tips that will make your home feel warm and inviting to buyers during this cold season and help get you closed before the holidays.


  1. Let there be light! No one likes to walk into a dark cave and it certainly wouldn’t make your home feel inviting to a buyer. Open up all the blinds and curtains to let in natural light and make your home feel more open. Also, remember that the days are getting shorter and there is less time for natural light so make sure you have ample lighting in every room. Bring in more table or floor lamps and use the brightest bulb your lamp can take. You might also consider having the lights on timers so they will come on right before dusk just in case your home is shown while you are out and can’t be there to turn them on.
  2. Fire it up. While we are talking about light, another good opportunity for a warm light and added coziness is to light your fireplace if you have one. This is a great added element for an open house event. Buyers will appreciate the added warmth and they’ll also probably imagine themselves sitting by the fire with their family which helps to sell your home in their mind. Of course, only light a fire when you or your realtor are going to be there. Never leave your fireplace unattended.
  3. Make it plush and cozy. Decorate your sofa, chairs and beds with warm, fluffy blankets and pillows. This may not seem like a big deal but it’s a subliminal signal to the buyers to envision themselves curled up and snuggled in, enjoying their home. Put out some soft, extra fluffy towels in the bathrooms and even some little tea light candles for added ambiance.
  4. Use scents of the season. It’s often recommended that you stay away from using scents from things like candles or air fresheners when your home is on the market even if you normally use them. Scents play a large role in triggering memories or feelings and you don’t want to turn a buyer off just because of a scent they don’t like. However, autumn is one time where you can get away with some seasonal scents as long as they are done properly. You can burn a cinnamon candle for a couple of minutes before buyers arrive but never use artificially scented candles like pumpkin spice or pine, which just smell fake. You could simmer a cinnamon stick and anise pods in a pot of water or, even better, make it apple cider with a little orange peel thrown in. Of course, the old standby of baking is always good this time of year. Cookies or yummy quick breads always smell great and are a nice treat for prospective buyers too.
  5. Incorporate holiday decor tastefully. Leave your giant outdoor Santa and all your Halloween knick knacks in storage. You can decorate seasonally if you wish with things such as an autumn wreath on the door, fall colored pillows or throws, autumn foliage arrangements in vases and even one or two pumpkins. Just don’t go overboard. One to three items is plenty in a room. Just remember to keep it simple.
  6. Check your curb appeal. We’ve talked about this before in other posts but it bears repeating. All the staging in the world won’t help sell your home if the buyers never make it inside. Even though things may be turning brown (or white) it’s important that you keep leaves raked and snow shoveled. Sidewalks, steps and porches need to be cleared and safe to walk on. Follow tips from our other posts to make the outside of your home appealing so buyers actually want to see the inside.

Follow these tips and buyers will surely have warm feelings for your home. Create a positive first impression and a lasting memory and you’ll have your home sold before the year ends.

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