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Paint colour is a very personal choice when it comes to what colour some likes and doesn't like. Some people love purple while others don't want it in anything they own. This is why it is critically important to take the colours in your home into consideration before you put it up for sale.

Imagine that your favorite colour is bright turquoise. You've lived in your home for many years and the decor is very much your style. You have several walls in your living room painted bright turqoise and one wall is a turquoise coloured wallpaper for accent. Sure, you love it but buyers won't and it will hurt your selling price.

How Does It Affect the Selling Price?

A buyer walking into a home instantly starts making a list of the things they would need to

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It seems everyone has an opinion of real estate values in Edmonton. Yesterday the young woman serving our table at lunch made friendly conversation and casually mentioned that she was excited to move into her new condo. It was her first purchase and clearly she was very excited. She mentioned that others from work and some friends were all in the market looking for homes too and that with all this buying activity it was obvious to her that prices would continue going up.

This ties into my post from yesterday so I thought I'd expand on it. She was describing the concept of supply and demand; when demand exceeds supply, prices go up (a sellers’ market) and conversely, when supply outpaces demand prices go down (a buyers’ market). But is this the whole

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The average selling price for a single family home in Edmonton (as of June, 2014) remains steady and sits at $435,534. Some say it is poised for a correction while others say that $435,534 represents exceptional value for a single family home in a major Canadian city like Edmonton.

I believe that it’s much easier for local buyers to experience the ‘sticker-shock’ of home prices in Edmonton. Local buyers were the ones who remember their neighbor's home selling for $150,000 in the 1990’s, then in the high $200,000’s in the mid 2000’s, so it’s easy to see why as a local we can’t imagine these same properties going for 5, 6 or even $700,000, but they will!

Surely anyone moving here from Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa arrives in the

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Welcome to the newly designed website for DePrato Associates of RE/Max River City. We are excited to be unveiling some fantastic new features to make buying and selling a home easier than ever. We are sure you will find our website to be an excellent resource throughout your home buying or selling experience. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Looking to Buy?

We have the best tool to help you right on our home page. It’s our Interactive Edmonton Map and it’s something no other Realtor offers. We’ve created a map of the city that is divided into areas and communities and with a simple click you can instantly refine your search. Do you know that you want to live in Millwoods, Millcreek, Capilano or Castledowns? Click on the correct link on the left side

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Wherever there’s a Realtor who will sell a home for a commission, there’s a homeowner looking to avoid paying that commission. Some people choose to sell their home privately. It’s not a new idea but is it a good idea?

The theory for a homeowner is to sell her own home without the help of a Realtor and save the commission she’d normally pay under a traditional listing services agreement. Logical, since anyone who works for a living would likely prefer to save or eliminate an expense wherever possible. If all things are the equal, then maybe it makes sense...or does it? Well, before exploring if things really are equal, let’s first look at the pros and cons of selling by owner.


  • No commission if the home sells (unless the seller accepts an
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As an agent and team leader having sold nearly 300 homes last year alone I was sure that when the time came to sell my own home I’d have a stress-free experience. After all, if anyone knows the process, it’s me; if anyone understands the emotional roller coaster and what a seller should focus on during the process, I’m the guy! Right? Wrong!   Having decided to finally sell my own home earlier this summer, I went through the normal second guessing and emotional reservation that any homeowner who loves their home experiences when making this decision. Regardless, I’d found another home in a new location and a fresh new start was on the horizon. So I completed the listing agreement and handed it into our listing coordinator just like any other…
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It is said that to truly understand someone we must understand their intent. Knowing someone is to know what they intend to provide, do, take, or give and I want you to know me! So here, in my first ever blog post, I would like to reveal my intent for my business, the services I offer and the intended result to my clients. First, I’d like to give you a little background on me as an investor and Realtor.

It was 1999 and I became interested in the idea of real estate investing. I read everything I could on the subject then I sold my alarm company and enthusiastically began a life as a real estate investor. I hadn’t thought about becoming a Realtor. I bought several homes that summer and never dealt with the same agent twice. The reason was that none

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