Living in the Heart of Edmonton

In March 2014, MoneySense Magazine ranked Edmonton #8 on its Top 25 list of “Canada’s Best Places to Live”, up from #11 last year. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Edmonton, you’re probably thinking about moving to one of the newer areas on the outskirts of the city. However, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of moving into one of the more established neighborhoods in the heart of the city. They are a great choice for families and anyone who wants to be in the heart of it all.

Edmonton has a great public transit system that is improving every year but for now the bus system can get you most anywhere in the city and if you live near the heart of the city you’ll have the convenience of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) that runs right through Edmonton. It will be awhile before the LRT services the rest of the city but for now it makes some commuting a little easier.

There are a lot of great schools in Edmonton. You have your choice of public, private, or even specialized schools for subjects like arts, dance, French immersion or science core. You can find homes near these schools that would make them within walking distance or a short public transit ride away.

Homes in the heart of Edmonton are a great value. Many have good sized lots which are larger than what you’ll find in a newly built home. However, you may need to factor in the cost of doing a little renovation. They are older homes typically built in the 1980’s so they will need a little freshening up sometimes. The upside is that you get to put your own stamp on it and really make it yours.

Because of the larger lots you’re more likely to get a large garage and who doesn’t love that in the winter? While many of the streets are wider and offer street parking, you may not have to worry about that if you have your own garage. Speaking of the streets, the streets in Edmonton are pretty much laid out in a grid which makes them efficient and you are less likely to feel lost.

Finally, living in the core of Edmonton will give you better access to a large variety of businesses and amenities. It’s not unusual for a builder to build huge housing areas before there is even any retail business in the area. This means that you’ll have to drive further to shopping, dining, schools, hospitals, etc. in some of the newer areas than you would if you lived in the core of the city.

There are pros and cons of living in an older neighbourhood but don’t just rule it out because you want a shiny new home. There are so many other things that make a home besides a house. It’s the communityand the amenities and the way of life that will truly make it your home. Use our convenient interactive mapto search the homes for sale by community and let us help you find that perfect home for your family.

If you already live in Edmonton, tell us your favorite things about living here. We’d love to know what you think about our great city so leave us a comment below.

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