Marketing Your Home: The DePrato Advantage

When you’re ready to take the next step toward selling your home, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive marketing plan will get your home seen by thousands of motivated buyers. We offer a few services we think you’ll like and benefit from. Our team delivers the results you deserve by working harder and maintaining your goals as our priority. Although our team sells more homes than others and even more than some entire brokerages, we do these deals one at a time. Our goal is to deliver a level of service to our client that compels you to refer us to your friends and family. We know that our service is better and that’s why we don’t lock you down to any long term service contracts. A quick sale, for the most money possible with no hassles to you is our priority and proven result. My team simply does more to sell your home, faster and for more money.

Our Service is BETTER Than Free – It’s Priceless!

We understand that our competition will see this and likely copy the same services we provide; we actually encourage it because we feel that it’s time our industry does more to service our clients better, provide better results and deliver a better overall customer experience. So, here’s some of what you can expect as our client:

1. First, we listen to you! We want to understand your goals and objectives with the sale of your asset. We want to know if you’re facing a deadline, selling estate property, moving into another home, or moving away to another city.

2. We will help you prepare your home. Before bringing buyers into your home, it’s in your best interest to make the house as welcoming and presentable as possible. There are often small improvements sellers want to make before selling and we can advise you on which improvements will pay dividends.

3. We’ll advise you on when the best time is to sell a home.

4. Competitive pricing. We are very active in the market and have the experience to offer you advice on the best price to ask in order to be successful with your sale without leaving money behind by selling too low.

5. Maximum exposure to the market. We use several tools to advertise your home to prospective buyers with more than just an MLS listing.

6. Professional, well-informed advice. We sell hundreds of homes each year and, because we’re so active, we can offer some of the most well-informed advice available.

7. Expert negotiation skills. You benefit by our representation most when an offer is written on your home. We will help you to understand all of your options and negotiate to get you the best terms and highest price possible.

8. Negotiate commission for you. We understand how (and when) to negotiate commission with any other realtor that may represent a buyer you want to sell to.

9. Professional photographs: We use a professional photographer on each home we sell to ensure that your home stands out when compared to others.

10. Detailed highlight sheet for buyers. We provide a multi-page full colour highlight sheet for your home to help remind buyers about the advantages of owning your home over others in the area.

11. Custom signs that look different than others; and include a picture of your home.

12. A unique QR code connecting anyone with a smartphone to information on your home – without having to talk to any realtor or salesperson.

13. Updates on market conditions for your area. For as long as your home is for sale, we’ll keep you updated every day with what’s newly listed for sale (your competition) and any homes that have sold in your area so that you are kept fully informed.

14. One full time (unlicensed) dedicated listing coordinator working on booking your showings and gathering helpful feedback from buyers who are seeing your home to keep you informed about what the buying public is saying about your home.

15. Custom website. We use a custom website to expose your home to potential buyers – separate from all other websites. For an example, a href=”” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>check out this website.

16. High exposure on social networking sites and popular websites. We have a second dedicated (unlicensed) assistant who specializes in exposing your home on social media. Because of the fast pace, it’s important to have someone constantly keeping your property relevant and “refreshed”. Without that, it’s like you’re not even there.

17. Full accountability and a cancellation policy to keep you in control. We deliver these services (and more) EVERY time and to EVERY client and we’re very good at it. To hold ourselves accountable and to give you FULL CONTROL over your listing and relationship with us, we offer a no-questions-asked cancellation guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our work, you can cancel your listing and fire us without owing us any money.

18. No pressure! We believe the best salespeople simply help others achieve the objectives they want. We find out what you want and work to get it for you. No pressure and no smoke and mirrors. We are not used car salesman – please forgive the term but you know what we mean.

19. Buyer Incentives. We offer buyers a satisfaction guarantee which removes some of the risk of making a home purchase. First time buyers are especially attracted to that program which makes it easier for us to actually bring a buyer to your home. When we represent a buyer and a seller on the same transaction, we actually charge a fee that equals less than what it would likely cost you to sell on your own!

20. FAIR COMMISSION – Because we sell more homes than most other teams or individuals, we can offer you a more competitive rate on commission. We are NOT commission free and we don’t pretend to be, but we are fair. (A selling commission may be payable to any other agent who represents a buyer if you accept an outside offer.)

Look, if you answered yes to all or most of these questions then we have lots in common. We’d love to hear from you. Confidentiality and discretion are promised. Call us now.

Feel free to leave us a message below. We’ll get in touch right away.

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