Ed DePrato Services Review

Able to Recognize our Needs

DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty helped us buy our new home recently. We had a great experience overall. They were extremely knowledgeable about the market and was flexible. They quickly recognized our needs and showed good judgment on what properties we should see. Jesse made this a very easy process — thanks! – David L. & Jill C.

Kelly Grant did an awesome job for my son and me on the purchase of our home. Everything was handled quickly and professionally. Now if she helps us move it will be perfect, Lorne P.

Above and Beyond!

DePrato Associates always had time for showings and was able to work around our busy schedules. Once we found our house, they did an incredible job closing the sale and getting us a great deal, while always being available for our many questions. Going above and beyond is their normal. They truly listen to and appreciate their clients, I would recommend them and refer anyone I know. – Greg & Kiersten F.

Sold for 97.38%!

DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty sold our home in 8 days, for over 97% of asking price. The YEGPro Realty staff arranged a home stager to come in and make our house look amazing, and the photographer took pictures that captured how sunny and warm our little character house was. They also did an incredible amount of work to find us a home in our new community, an hour’s drive away. They found us a home that wasn’t listed on MLS, which we never would have found on our own. It is perfect for our family, and we are so happy with our experience with the team. – Jenni & Tyrel I.

We LOVED Kelly!

Our agent of DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty were great to work with on the sale of our property. We LOVED Kelly; she was always there for us and was so upbeat and helpful. Nichole was a great help too! We liked the fact that we could view feedback on the showings via the webpage so we could be kept up to date daily. In the end we were very happy with the results DePrato delivered and we would certainly recommend people we know to work with Kelly Grant and DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty! – Linda R. & Errol H.

Went Above & Beyond For Us!

We loved shopping for a home with our agent from DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty! Kelly was fun to shop with, she was very helpful and she had a lot of information to give us on every property we looked at. Kelly also offered great advice, including going above and beyond by getting the appropriate professionals in to determine the cost of repairs and then advising us on how to move forward. We would recommend DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty to anyone that we know! -Kevin & Deb B.

Sold So Quickly! Truly a Winning Team!

I called DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty because of their Sincere Request flyer that they deliver. When I interviewed them I knew that they were the best choice of realtor to sell my home. Cathy was very professional, energetic and was well put together. The marketing and exposure that she offered worked well; she sold my home in under two weeks! This is truly a winning team of realtors! Thanks DePrato Associates! -Eva D.

Awesome First Time Home Buying Experience!

I was referred to DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty from a previous client of theirs and it turned out great! My girlfriend and I are first-time homebuyers and they found us exactly what we were looking for in a great location! Thank you DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty for all your guidance! – Ryan G.

So Many People Saw Our Home!!! – Great Marketing!

DePrato Associates sold our old home and helped us buy our new home. The sale process was really great! We got what we were expecting from the sale and the marketing was fantastic! They really made sure that our home got out there on the market and that as many people as possible saw it. We had lots of showings and action on our property! Our new home is beautiful and we really love it! Thank you so much DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty! – Shawna & Bruce H.

Able to Recognize our Needs

DePrato Associates helped us buy our new home recently. We had a great experience overall. They were extremely knowledgeable about the market and was flexible. They quickly recognized our needs and showed good judgment on what properties we should see. They made this a very easy process — thanks! – David L. & Jill C.

Commission Free!

Cathy helped me to sell my property and the experience was awesome! She took care of everything for me and so I was able to carry on with everything else in my life. I saw around 4 offers and Cathy dealt with everything very professionally. She even did this for me commission free! I liked working with her so much that I am working with her again to sell my current property and buy a new home! If you want to work with great people on the sale or purchase of a property, call DePrato Associates! – S. & E. J.

Great Service!

We listed our home with Erynn of DePrato Associates and we are so happy that we did! The representation and service that we got was great! Working with Erynn was such a good experience because she really took the time to explain every step to us and ensured that we understood everything. We really valued her opinion as a professional and felt that she gave us very good advice every step of the way! We would encourage everyone who is thinking of selling their home to call Erynn and DePrato Associates! – Mandeep & Jasdeep D.

Buying a Home was SO Easy!

My wife and I were window shopping for a house to buy and we decided to call DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty. They made this process really great for us and after looking at only 3 houses, my wife and I fell in love with the house we purchased! They made buying a home so easy! We would definitely be a client of their’s again and would highly recommend other people to call DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty as well! – Jeff & Angela

Saved Me HALF of the Commission!

I was super impressed when DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty listed and sold my property in Millet. I have tried to sell a property in Millet before and it was a nightmare! When they handled the sale of my home, everything was a lot less stressful. They did a great job of representing my home to the market and really went above and beyond to find a buyer for my property. I saw multiple offers on my property and they even brought me a buyer and saved me HALF of the commission! They are now helping me to buy a home and I will continue to be a client! They are very caring and really want the best for their clients! Thanks so much DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty! – Meagan H.

Great Home Buying Experience!

DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty worked with me when I was in the market to purchase a new home. They were really great about making me feel comfortable and confident with the advice they offered and the decisions I made. I looked at about 11 different homes and found one that I really liked. I really appreciated their efforts and when I found the property that I purchased, I was competing with other buyers. In the end, I purchased the home that I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend people to call DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty to purchase a home! – Warren G.

Saved Us Half the Commission

Excellent! We listed our property with Cathy and DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty and we are very happy that we did! They were very professional in all aspects of the transaction, understood our goals and the result was an unconditional offer. We never had to call to ask what was going on because Cathy kept us well informed of not only showings but of all aspects throughout the entire process. They brought us the buyer and saved us half of the commission! If you want a team of realtors who are professional and who communicate well with you then DePrato Associates are the right choice for you. – Jeff M. & Tracey B.

In Just 13 Days I Sold For 94.8% of My Asking Price!

When I was looking to list my house, I had a few people in mind that I was going to have represent me in this transaction but the decision was made clear for me when Bill spoke to me about the representation that DePrato Associates offers to all of their clients when they list their homes. After just 13 days of being on the market, I saw one offer that I accepted for 94.8% of my original asking price! The advice that Bill offered me was invaluable as I felt that he was a very knowledgeable realtor. I would gladly recommend the people that I know to talk to DePrato Associates and Bill Hatton about their real estate needs! – David C.

Well-Organized and Professional!

I listed my home with DePrato Associates and I am so happy that I did! They did an amazing job of representing my property! The professional photos and home stager that they provided for me really helped to show my home in the best way possible! They were a well-organized and professional team and I felt that I was really well taken care of! If you want great representation by a team who has great processes, then I would recommend calling DePrato Associates! – Deb D.

Very Professional Level of Service

Erynn from DePrato Associates helped us to find and buy our new home and we are very happy with the level of service that Erynn provided to us. Erynn did her job and found us what we were looking for. She was very well mannered and professional and we felt comfortable going through this process with her. We would highly encourage anyone that is looking to buy a home to call Erynn Paton and DePrato Associates! – Ken C. & Carolyn R

Made Our First Home Buying Experience Great!

As first time home buyers, we were nervous with this process but Bill and DePrato Associates made this a great experience! Bill was excellent because he walked us through this entire process and took the time to explain everything to us. We felt that this process was easy and seamless and we would happily refer anyone to Bill Hatton and DePrato Associates! – Kevin & Bonnie B.

Sold in Just Over a Week for 98.5% of Our Asking Price!

DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty listed our home and in just over a week we had accepted an offer for 98.5% of our original asking price! This experience has been fantastic! As soon as our home was listed we had a lot of activity on it and they were very professional and honest with us. We are so happy that we chose to work with DePrato Associates and we would highly recommend the DePrato team to anyone! – Greg S. & Ashlee M.

Service Beyond Outstanding!

My husband and I listed our home with DePrato Associates and she was beyond outstanding! Not only did our home sell in 2 days for 96.3% of our asking price, but she went above and beyond for us to ensure that we were going to be very happy with our decisions. She made this process painless and exciting and was available to answer every question we had, and she helped us find our new home! Cathy even brought us boxes to help us start packing! If you want outstanding professional service with a friendly smile, then Cathy is right for you. – Scott & Mary C

Stellar Representation!

I listed my home with DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty and I am so happy that I did! They sold my home within 2 DAYS of it being listed for 98.2% of my original asking price. The service that I received was super! It was not only the representation I got before the sale, it was mostly the representation that I got after the sale. They took care of everything for me and really held my hand throughout this entire process. This process was very overwhelming for me and they really took all of the burdens off of me and made sure that this was as stress free for me as possible. I would really like to thank DePrato Associates for everything that they have done and I would definitely recommend anyone to go to DePrato Associates for all of their real estate needs!

Incredible Marketing Got Us 96.2% of Our Asking Price!

My husband and I have tried listing our townhouse for sale before and we were getting discouraged thinking that it would never sell. DePrato Associates listed our townhouse and all of their marketing was so great and effective! We sold our property quickly and within 96.2% of our asking price! We are so happy with the level of service that we received from DePrato Associates that we have listed our home with them as well and we would highly encourage others who are in the market to sell their home to talk to DePrato Associates! – Danielle & Heng C.

Sold Within 98.5% of Asking Price in 5 Days!

I was so pleased with the service that I received on the sale of my first property with DePrato Associates that I did not hesitate to call Ed DePrato with my next! My house was listed and within 5 days I had accepted an offer and sold my home for 98.5% of my asking price! The marketing and representation that Ed DePrato and team offers is second to none. They put a custom sign on my lawn in addition to the standard for sale sign and I got many compliments on it. I would highly recommend Ed DePrato and his team to anyone that wants to sell their home! – Kevin L.

Agent Was Always Available to Us

We are so pleased with DePrato Associates! Our home was sold in just 13 days and within 98.5% of our asking price! We were first time sellers and they made the entire process so easy. It was such a pleasure having Erynn as our agent. Erynn was always available to us and returned our phone calls quickly. We would recommend anyone who is planning to sell their home to call Erynn Paton and DePrato Associates. – Christina & Seth A.

Process of Selling and Buying Made Easy

My husband and I were looking for an agent to sell both of our condos so we could buy our first home together. There are no other agents that offer the level of service and the marketing tools that DePrato Associates provided. We listed both of our condos with them and they sold right away within 97% of our list price! Cathy made the process of selling and buying so easy by providing us with honest opinions and good advice on how to proceed. We are extremely happy with how easy the process was and would recommend anyone looking for fast and great results to go with DePrato Associates. – Maria C

Happy Condo Buyer

My name is Nicole, and I have been fortunate enough to be one of DePrato Associates realty clients. Prior to purchasing my condo, I had been browsing internet MLS listings for roughly a year’s time. Although I had a good idea of what was on the market, I knew very little about the process of actually purchasing property.

Bill had been referred to me through a family friend, whom had dealt with him as a mortgage broker prior to his becoming a realtor. I am very grateful for this referral, as I do not believe my home-buying experience could have been made better by anyone else. Bill was very personable and informative, taking the time to explain absolutely every step of the home buying process. He not only provided me with referrals to home inspectors and appraisers, but went above and beyond by corresponding appointments on my behalf to accommodate our short timeline before closing dates. He answered his phone at all hours of the day to talk me through my home buyer’s jitters. He also took time out of his busy schedule to show me other properties in my price range, even after placing a bid for purchase, just to put my mind at ease that the place I was buying was definitely what I wanted.

Along with performing all of the duties of an outstanding realtor, Bill took it upon himself to act as my broker as well. I feel very fortunate to have been walked through so much of this process. I have heard horror stories, and if you ask me about my experience, I can gladly say that it was relatively painless. Bill was always two steps ahead of everything, completing what he could on his end while also reminding me and checking that everything on my end was complete as well. In my personal situation, I had a month from the time I looked at my condo, to the closing date and possession of my home. I have been asked if I feel like my purchase was a rushed decision. I can gladly say that I am completely happy with the outcome of everything, and feel that this is in large part to the fact that I had so much solidarity in the education provided to me.

I would gladly refer DePrato Associates to any of my friends and family, and wish him nothing but success in his future business endeavors.

So Happy We Didn’t Sell Through ComFree

My husband and I just sold our home through DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty. After being listed on the market for only 1 day we accepted an offer and sold at 98.5% of our original asking price! Prior to listing our home, we were considering selling our home through ComFree and we are very glad that we didn’t. We feel that the results that we got could not have been matched by selling our home on our own and the DePrato team made this process so easy for us. We would highly recommend anyone that is thinking of selling their home to consider using DePrato Associates of YEGPro Realty! – Andrea & Donald S.

Success in Days

Thanks for convincing me to let you sell my home in the U of A area. I tried for weeks on my own with no success. In just days you brought in 2 offers and helped me get 100.65% of my price! THANKS! – Aaron V

Very happy with the service provided

I am very happy with the service provided by Ed DePrato during the sale of my home. I was kept informed during the process, and he brought me multiple offers and sold my home for 101.8% of list price in only 2 days! – Miki Sidhu

Sold in 3 days for more than our asking price!

Ed DePrato was able to get our home sold in just 3 days and for $19,505 over our asking price! We couldn’t be happier. He also helped us find our new home, which we absolutely love. Thank you so much! – Robert and Joy J

Sold our home in 2 weeks!

Ed DePrato was courteous and helpful, he answered all of our questions quickly, and excelled in customer service. I felt we were really looked after. His expertise and professionalism was top notch, he showed our home multiple times and got us a deal within 2 weeks of listing! I was very pleased with the price we received. I would recommend Ed DePrato to anyone who wants to sell thier house fast! – Amanda M. and Pierre P.

Great Job!

We found Ed DePrato to be very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. We were very happy with the possession date that he got for us and found that he did a great job in dealing with our purchase conditions. We would highly recommend Ed DePrato to anyone looking at selling their home. – Gene and Alberta M

Over list price!

We feel that the service we received from Ed’s entire team was excellent. The communication throughout the entire selling process was great and we found Ed very pleasant to work with. Most of all we are so happy that he was able to get our house sold for 102.4% of our asking price! Thanks Ed! – Gail and Tony T

Extremely Helpful

Ed DePrato was extremely helpful regarding our lack of experience. His patience and kindness made a stressful situation more bearable. Ed guaranteed no problems with our transaction and did not disappoint! – Erika M and Kenton G

Quick and Easy!

Ed DePrato had a buyer for my home quickly and I received a fair price. I have already referred 2 of my friends to him. – Edena M

Awesome Work!

When we wanted to sell our home, we were really concerned about having it for sale for a long time and having dozens of strangers coming though our house. So we hired and energetic agent that seemed to have the marketing ability to get the job done. It took Ed DePrato only 19 days to present is with 3 offers! We ended up selling our home for 99.59% of our asking price! To top it off, we got the possession date we wanted. We would strongly recommend anyone thinking about selling their home to speak with Ed – his systems really work!! – David and Dianne D