Welcome! Our brokerage is built on the idea that Top Producing Realtors who truly care about delivering an overall excellent client experience should be supported by a brokerage that stands behind them and helps provide the high level of service clients deserve.

The traditional structure is the problem because it's setup the WRONG way:   


Instead, YEGPro is structured like this -- the RIGHT way:  


    1. Do you believe you deserve a brokerage that stands behind you to support you while you pay attention to serving your clients and building your business? A: The YEGPro business model allows agents to decide how much of the regular maintenance they do on their own, or have performed by in-house support services which enables agents to do more of what they do best.

    2. Are you obligated to pay a regular fee regardless of whether you’re doing business or not? A: YEGPro is building business professionals who understand that a business should serve our lives and not take over. At YEGPro you only pay fees when you do business!

    3. Can you think of a time when your business was affected by a decision that was made by someone else – possibly in another city, Province, or Country? A: YEGPro is built by agents - for agents working to serve their clients’ needs. Our broker is our employee doing a job for the agents and NOT dictating what agents are allowed to do and say. YEGPro invites innovation and change to benefit our group of associates. At YEGPro Realty your opinion is valued - you’ll be invited to meet and collaborate with other like-minded business people working in the real estate sales industry.

    4. Are you currently obligated to a mandatory advertising fee, and do you think you deserve a better return on that investment? A: each dollar we spend in our business should have a return attached to it – without a return it’s an expense. How many leads are you receiving from the ‘ad-fund’ you’re paying into?

    5. Do you feel like it’s time for the success of your brokerage to be more in line with your success? A: YEGPro Realty believes that the brokerage should and can only be successful by making it’s associates successful. If you aren’t earning – we’re not charging you.

    6. Do you believe your brokerage should provide more than a monthly bill? A: YEGPro Realty generates leads daily for its associates because we think that’s what you deserve. At YEGPro Realty you’ll receive warm buyer and seller leads regularly.

    7. Are you willing to become, or maintain a recognition for being a reliable professional for a given area where you specialize? YEGPro Realty is built on agents specializing in a given area where they are recognized for their expertise.

    8.  Are you concerned about why your brokerage hasn’t empowered you with a FSBO policy to allow you to more easily attract that type of business? A: You know that all liability goes to the Brokerage so under the traditional model its riskier for the brokerage to have top producing agents because the increased volume is seen as increased liability for the broker/owner. As long as you earn enough to pay the monthly bill the traditional owner/broker doesn’t earn a higher free from agents who produce more business but they assume more liability. However, at YEGPro we only profit if you do, so we want you to be as productive as possible and that’s why we empower out agents with policies that attract new business.

    9. Are you a new agent getting into the business and not really sure where to start? A: If you’re new, welcome to real estate! This is a wonderful industry and we hope you love it as much as we do. The income can be good, so why is the drop-out rate so high? It’s because there’s a lack of direction and mentorship. Our traditional industry fabric is a sink-or-swim set up. But at YEGPro Realty we are really different. Agents are mentored and assisted as business people, real estate advisors and investors! Yes, we want you to invest in real estate!

    10. Are you finding yourself pulled into other businesses (unrelated to real estate) like web development, marketing, or Search Engine Optimization? And are you finding that pulling you away from what you do best? A: Many senior agents are struggling to maintain their position in the marketplace due to a changing business landscape. Rather than hoping our agents find a way, we are prospering by creating innovative marketing policies designed to empower our associates with the tools needed to attract business.

    11. Do you believe that you’re worth more than a sales volume record sheet that compares your production to that of your peers? A: Many brokerages celebrate their most productive agents and teams with public displays of sales volume achievements. This is done to motivate others to produce, but this does nothing to ensure that agents have a balanced life or a profitable business. YEGPro Realty celebrates achievement by recognizing client satisfaction, work/life balance and creative solutions to an ever-changing business environment.

    12. Do you believe that you deserve to work in an environment that promotes community involvement, charitable giving, and planned time off to spend with family? A: YEGPro Realty believes in giving back to the community it serves and it’s associates regularly get involved with community causes. Our associates are also encouraged to participate in Habitat For Humanity builds both local and abroad.

Look, if you answered yes to all or most of these questions then we have lots in common. We’d love to hear from you. Confidentiality and discretion are promised.

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